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Холодец is a playful table play about fetishes of the New Year's table.


Успех is a musical notification that any success is a fragile thing. The musical material demonstrates that the energy and euphoria of today's success tomorrow can easily turn into something completely opposite.


Невозможно Понять Это Все is an elegant musical antidote to what is happening around. Detachment and irony help you get through the most difficult times.


Чувствительный Конь is a monologue of an elderly man who has experienced a lot in his life. From gloomy and philosophical meditation, the work turns into a triumphant and inspiring hymn of close victories.


Примерно Так - an ironic description of human activity. The idea of a work in the polka genre goes back to the archetypes of the Russian Perhaps, How God Will Give, More or Less, Fig With Him, Yes Well, His Stump, and others.


Котенька - Коток is a poetic appeal to the collective image of cats. The authors touchingly confess their love to them and understand that it is impossible to comprehend the secrets of cats and cats. In return, the cat shares a mysterious password.


Ничего Не Получится - the authors' musical warning to those who are still full of strength and hope. Thanks to the repeated repetition of musical phrases, hopelessness first turns into a timid smile, and then into the powerful energy of future accomplishments.


Почетный приз международного фестиваля современного искусства им Курёхина
за лучший музыкальный проект

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